After more than a decade of working in an office « behind the desk », and having 2 children, I decided to make my dreams come true and became a STOTT PILATES Trainer.
For me Pilates is the best of the best because it is a real workout that creates a strong mind-body connection as we target specific muscles that we won’t reach in other sort of methods.
I love it and it is my pleasure to guide people through effective and challenging exercises with high precision movements in coordination with correct breathing, that when practiced on regular basis will result in a better posture, strong core and better stability among others.
I have followed the STOTT PILATES teacher’s trainings for Essential /Intermediate Matwork and Reformer at Brussels Pilates.
I am committed to never stop learning in order to constantly offer a better and high-quality workout sessions.
I am very passionate and motivated to help people to have a healthy and balance life.

Elle vous recevra en espagnol et en anglais.