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Pilates Physio

Why is Pilates Physio important?

Pilates is a holistic fitness method that combines muscle strengthening, range of motion and body awareness. 

Pilates physiotherapists are specialised in using the principles of Pilates to help improve posture, movement and body awareness. They can also help to relieve joint and muscle pain and optimize your mobility. A Pilates physiotherapist can also help you prevent injury and better manage existing injuries.

By working with a qualified professional, you can achieve faster and more lasting results.

Pilates physio
Pilates physio

Who am I?

My name is Ines and I am part of the great team at Charlotte Studio. I have a background in physiotherapy and am training to be an osteopath.

My passion for Pilates has made me realise that it is an excellent approach to prevention and rehabilitation. So I am delighted to offer you personal training sessions that combine effort and pleasure. Do not hesitate to contact me for your physiotherapy or personal training sessions!

If you want to discover the benefits of Pilates, contact me now to benefit from my coaching and my personalized practice!