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Getting Started

First Appointment

Start for success

To guide you the best, new clients to the Studio are required to take the « get started » package, which includes,

  • A 1-hour personal training (it’s a private orientation)
  • 3 Group classes on mats depending on the level observed during your introductory session
  • 3 Private Group Classes on machine
  • 1-month access to our Online Classes 

What to expect

During your orientation session, you will be introduced to the foundations of Pilates Method and the equipment. You will be led through a complete workout while the instructor reviews your physical health, postural alignment, and mind-body awareness.

At the end of the session, you will receive directions about the types of classes and services that suit you the best.

Already a Pro?

Have you been doing Pilates for years? We still encourage you to take advantage of this offer, and our instructors will quickly access your abilities and tailor the workout to match your level of training while making sure you can safely work with our best-in-class equipment.